Friday, 7 December 2012

Pardon My Galoshes

Yeah, why not.

I was in my living room earlier today, watching the film 'Rain Man'. This is one of the several films I have saved on my Sky+ recorder, including The Departed, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Full Metal Jacket and Brassed Off, and the one I wasn't actually planning to watch. As it turns out, you have to enter a PIN if you want to watch a film with a certificate of over 12, and neither of my parents claim to have set one...

This resulted in my choosing of Rain Man, the only film I had saved that Sky didn't realise had a certificate. It was while I was watching that I had the idea of starting a little blog, writing what I thought of all the films I watched. I realise that the world of blogs (the 'blogosphere'!) is a crowded one, and it's unlikely that anyone will notice the clumsy shuffle I make past everyone as I try to find my seat, but I'll happily write to myself as if someone's listening. If nothing else, it might help me decide which films are worth watching again.

So... in terms of films, I'll introduce myself. I've got a rather limited (read: pathetic) collection of DVDs in my room, most of which don't really reflect my taste in movies. I have four film posters in my room: for Jaws, Back To The Future, The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit. The first two I bought myself, as they are for two of my favourite films. The latter two came with issues of Empire magazine, to which I have a year-long subscription and read avidly at the end of every month. My favourite actors are Tom Hanks and Gary Oldman, my favourite actress is Natalie Portman, my favourite directors are the Coen Brothers and my favourite film is Fargo. Mind you, these nuggets are subject to change during the course of writing this blog. I'll be writing on old and new, stuff I see on telly and stuff I see in the cinema, all genres, whatever I feel like watching. Might do the odd television show or episode if I get suitably wound-up about it.

Let's just hope it all works out well for everyone involved.

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